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Wednesday 6 November 2013
Two international network grants for ‘games for change’ research
Not Dead Things. Roeland Harms, Joad Raymond and Jeroen Salman
Tuesday 5 November 2013
This collection of essays examines the various means by which cheap print moved across Europe.
Vensters. Tweetalige bloemlezing van hedendaagse Italiaanse dichteressen
Tuesday 29 October 2013
'Vensters' is a bilingual (Italian and Dutch) anthology of contemporary female Italian poets.
Geschiedenis van Zeeland deel 3: 1700-1850 - Paul Brusse & Arno Neele
Tuesday 29 October 2013
The third volume in the 'Geschiedenis van Zeeland' series, coauthored by Paul Brusse and Arno Neele, is recently published.
Martin Bossenbroek, De Boerenoorlog
Sunday 20 October 2013
The Libris History Prize is awarded to a historical study that appeals to a wide audience.




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