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Monday 11 December 2017
Classes and examinations will take place as planned on Tuesday 12 December, now that weather code red has been cancelled by the KNMI.
Monday 11 December 2017
Because of severe weather conditions. The Executive Board has therefore decided to cancel all lectures and exams that were scheduled for this afternoon.
Prof. dr. Appy Sluijs.
Monday 4 December 2017
Prof Appy Sluijs of Utrecht University explores the impact of variations in CO2 concentrations on the climate of millions of years ago.
Antarctica vanuit de lucht
Monday 4 December 2017
Utrecht University researchers think there is a possibility of regional sea level rises of 1.8 m or more due to the decreasing mass of the Antarctic ice cap.
Logo IRIS H2020
Tuesday 28 November 2017
The H2020 IRIS project revolves around the preservation of energy and mobility at neighbourhood level with ICT and civilian involvement.