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Thursday 11 August 2016
Utrecht University research shows that contrary to popular belief, the drought in Africa has not increased - the continent has become wetter instead.
Wednesday 10 August 2016
Appy Sluijs has been awarded the James B. Macelwane medal by the AGU. With this Sluijs acquires an exceptional position as AGU Fellow.
Thursday 28 July 2016
New reconstructions from earth scientists at Utrecht University explain and prove how the Pacific Plate developed with a 'Big Bang'.
Wednesday 27 July 2016
Maartje Poelman from Utrecht University is investigating how an abundant availability of food in our immediate environment has influence on our eating habits.
Prof. dr. Marc Bierkens
Wednesday 27 July 2016
Bierkens investigates the global water cycle using large-scale hydrological models.