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Wednesday 1 August 2018
The William Gilbert Award 2018 goes to Lennart de Groot and the Jason Morgan Early Career Award 2018 goes to Ylona van Dinther
Tuesday 31 July 2018
The findings can benefit nature conservation and restoration.
Monday 30 July 2018
With his ERC grant Bijl will reconstruct the role of ocean conditions on fluctuations in the size of the Antarctic ice sheet for past warm climates.
Verweerd gesteente in de woestijn van Namibië - Credit Robin van der Ploeg
Tuesday 24 July 2018
The rate at which CO2 is naturally removed from the Earth’s atmosphere is not constant, but can slow down or accelerate, new research shows.
INHale UGlobe
Tuesday 24 July 2018
The INHaLE initiative was launched at the LANDac Annual International Conference.