News Faculty of Geosciences

Wednesday 6 September 2017
How can we ensure that we can continue to succeed in education and research? Dean Piet Hoekstra talks about the conception and objective of the plan.
Roos Ykema, winnaar studentenprijs.
Monday 4 September 2017
During the opening of the academic year, Rector Magnificus Bert van der Zwaan awarded the student prizes to Maarten Bransen and Roos Ykema.
Overstroming Nepal
Wednesday 30 August 2017
Heavy rainfall and huge floods are taking their toll on southern Asia. Over 1,500 lives were lost . Flood expert Niko Wanders explains the cause.
Tuesday 29 August 2017
Martin Junginger and Gert Jan Kramer argue that solar and wind energy alone are not sufficient. They contemplates a future of clean energy and clean fuels.
Wednesday 23 August 2017
Dozens of Dutch researchers are to lay the foundations for major scientific research into the origins of life.