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IJsbeer op ijsschots
Tuesday 6 March 2018
Climate researchers from Utrecht University and PBL show that that there are ways to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C instead of 2.0˚C by 2100.
SEAC Roadmap
Friday 2 March 2018
Wilfried van Sark from Utrecht University has participated in creating a new roadmap for PV systems and applications in The Netherlands.
Douwe van Hinsbergen
Friday 23 February 2018
Douwe van Hinsbergen has been awarded €1.5 million for his research on the plate tectonic chain reaction collision that occurred some 50 million years ago.
Straat van Gibraltar. Beeld: NASA
Monday 19 February 2018
Utrecht University researchers have gained a remarkable new understanding of what causes earthquakes in the area around the Strait of Gibraltar.
Friday 16 February 2018
Philippart will investigate causes of global differences in coastal productivity relating to developments such as climate change.