In the media

Cooling the planet
25 June 2019
The lacklustre political response to the climate crisis is fuelling the call for resolute technological interventions, observes Jeroen Oomen.
Hong Kong 1 July Protests
24 June 2019
On 18 June The Guardian published an article by Antoine Buyse on the protests in Sudan and Hong Kong.
Moon landing (Neil Armstrong, 1969)
20 June 2019
Last week, Rutger van der Hoeven received his doctorate for his research on global visual memory.
Dr. ir. Niko Wanders
19 June 2019
Hydrologist Niko Wanders discussed the current groundwater shortage at BNR Nieuwsradio and RTV Utrecht this week.
3 June 2019
Wired published an article with Raimond Snellings about the experiments on the gravitational waves produced by neutron stars.