In the media

8 October 2019
Prof Maarten Hajer of Utrecht University discussed 'The Netherlands after the sea level rise' in the tv programme 'Buitenhof'.
4 October 2019
Sanne Akerboom and Maarten Hajer talked about the energy transition and future cities on NPO Radio 1.
1 October 2019
Roderik van de Wal, Professor of Sea level change and coastal impacts, was one of the main authors of the IPCC report on sea level rise.
30 September 2019
Together with 4 other scientists, Jerry van Dijk (Copernicus institute) advocates for a drastic change of the current Dutch agricultural model.
23 September 2019
The theory of Ingrid Robeyns, called limitarianism, is cited in The Gurdian to address the problem of extreme wealth.