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E.g., 09/23/2017
Colton's Map of The World on Mercator's Projection.
Monday 25 September 2017 09:30 to Wednesday 27 September 2017 16:00
The aim of the colloquium is to historicise security in the nineteenth century with a select group of invited speakers from around the world.
Prof. Beatrice de Graaf tijdens DRONGO talenfestival 2016. Foto: Henk Rougoor
Friday 29 September 2017 10:00 to Saturday 30 September 2017 17:00
On 29 and 30 September DRONGO language festival takes place in Utrecht. Many scholars from Utrecht University will offer workshops and live science labs.
Wednesday 18 October 2017 09:00 to 12:30
Do you want to make sure your LinkedIn profile represents the best version of your professional self?
Thursday 2 November 2017 09:30 to Friday 3 November 2017 17:00
The workshop is organised by Heloise - European Network on Digital Academic History and the Descartes Centre