Survey methodology

Invullen van een vragenlijst

In order to understand basic facts about people, but also how they behave and feel about society, questionnaires are used. The process of administering a questionnaire to (often a random sample) of people is called survey research.
The methodology of how to conduct surveys is one of the key research themes of the Department of Methodology and Statistics. We focus on the design of good questionnaires, such as the visual layout of questionnaires for use in web and mobile phone surveys, on designing ways to limit or correct for nonresponse in surveys, and in innovations in survey research.

In recent research, the department has intensified a long-established collaboration with Statistics Netherlands. The goal is to study how smartphones can be used to collect better social data. Mobile phones offer the potential to study individuals anytime, anywhere. Apps can be used to ask normal survey questions, but also to interact with respondents in new ways, collect data about the context of the respondent in order to study behavior better, and provide feedback to respondents.


Our collaboration partners in this research: