The M&S department organises methodology and statistics education on Bachelor’s, Master’s and postgraduate level for various study programmes at Utrecht University.


On Bachelor’s level, M&S organises basic courses within the Faculty of Social Sciences, and for University College Utrecht. Additionally, the department offers two minors: a minor in Methodology and Statistics and a minor Applied Data Science.


M&S offers the two year Research Master’s programme Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences. Additionally, the department contributes to various (research) Master’s programmes within the faculty.

Postgraduate education

M&S offers a wide variety of courses within Utrecht Summer School.

Applied Data Science

M&S offers education on Bachelor’s and (Research) Master’s level on the topic of Applied Data Science. In addition, there are multiple Summerschool courses related to Applied Data Science.


The 'ShinyEducation' project at Utrecht University's Department of Methodology & Statistics uses interactive Shiny applications to explain statistical concepts. Applications cover topics like ANOVA, ANCOVA, t-tests, and correlation. This hands-on approach promotes immersive learning.

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