Applied Data Science profile

Applied Data Science is a multidisciplinary profile, offered by the Department of Methodology and Statistics, for students who are not only interested in broadening their knowledge and expertise within the field of data science, but are also eager to apply these capabilities in relevant projects within their research domain. The Applied Data Science profile extends master students’ knowledge to address the challenges for decision making, planning, and knowledge discovery in large collections of diverse data.
The two mandatory courses in this profile (Data analytics 1: Supervised learning and visualization, and Data analytics 2: Battling the curse of dimensionality) provide a thorough introduction to data science, its basic methods, techniques, processes, and the application of data science within specific domains. The foundations of applied data science include relevant statistical methods, machine learning techniques and programming skills.

This master profile is offered to both Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) and Graduate School of Natural Sciences (GSNS). Below you can find the profile website for each graduate study:

You can contact the coordinators of the Applied Data Science profile via this email: for more information.