Student guides professor: the upside-down world!

Students who participate in Meet the Professor are paired up with a professor. They enter into contact several times to see how the professor can be helped with the school visit. This mainly concerns tips in the educational arena.

Participating in Meet the Professor gives students the opportunity to learn more about teaching Science & Technology in a fun way. They also make an important contribution to translating scientific research into primary education.

Nina talks about Meet the Professor 2016 [In Dutch]
'It's a fun experience that doesn't take much time at all. In my opinion, it really adds value to your education and internship.'

This is what students said about Meet the Professor 2018:

‘I really enjoyed helping to bring scientific education to the classroom in this way. It gave me a lot of ideas about how I could do that myself in my own classes.’

‘When you talk to a professor, you realise that you have gained and learned quite a lot in the education sector over the past few years. It's also nice to help a professor for once, instead of the other way around.’

‘A great idea! It’s three worlds coming together for a short time: that of the researcher, me as an (up-and-coming) teacher and that of the primary school.’