Frequently asked questions

About the application

Can my class participate in Meet the Professor?
All mainstream primary schools that are a maximum of 30 minutes by bicycle from the Dom can register their years 7 and/or 8 for Meet the Professor.

Can I register multiple classes for Meet the Professor?
Yes, you can sign up as many classes at each school as you like. The first class you sign up is guaranteed a place.

Is Meet the Professor mainly intended for my plus class?
Meet the Professor is certainly not just aimed at plus or talent classes! All years 7 and 8 at a primary school no more than 30 minutes by bicycle from the Dom can participate.

Can I express a preference for a particular professor?
No, unfortunately you cannot indicate a preference for a particular professor or research theme. We pair up schools and professors at random. And which professor will come to visit you...? You will work it out together, using the clues sent to you in the Meet the Professor quest!

I've participated in Meet the Professor before. Will we get a different professor this time?

We try to ensure that each group has a different professor than in previous years.

About the professor’s visit

Will the children understand what the professor is saying?
Yes, we make sure that the professors know how to communicate with children. The UU Science Hub helps the professors with this before the event. In addition, students in teacher training or Educational Science programmes help the professors to prepare their story. As a result, we make sure that the professor arrives at your school well prepared!

Could the professor come on a different date?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. All the professors visit on the same date.

Which equipment will we need when the professor comes to visit?
The professor is counting on you to have a computer with a USB connection and a projector or smart board. If you don't have this, you can still participate. In this case, please email Eline Dondorp at to let us know. Besides the equipment mentioned above, you don't need anything special.

Miscellaneous points

Why are professors doing this?
Children and professors have something important in common: both groups are very curious and want to understand the world around them better. As a result, the professors who participate in Meet the Professor find it important to show children what a researcher does. In this way, they aim to show a new generation of children how enjoyable and important it is to remain curious and to keep digging deeper.

Are there any costs associated with Meet the Professor?
No, participation in Meet the Professor is completely free! The preparatory lessons and all materials will also be sent to you free of charge.

Are there other easy ways for me to bring science into the classroom more often?
We’ve got lots of ideas about this! Please contact us at

If your question isn’t included here, please get in touch. Want to find out who’s behind Meet the Professor? If so, check out the About us page.