Meet the Professor 2019 | Photo: Femke Niehof

During ‘Meet the Professor’, primary schools pupils in Utrecht get to spend an hour firing off a barrage of questions at a professor, right there in their own classroom. 

Professors cycle to the schools to tell pupils about their research. This can be about climate change, diversity, plant pathology, computer models… you name it, since each professor has a different focus area. 

In 2021, Meet the Professor looked a bit different. Due to the coronavirus, professors made video calls to primary-school classes in Utrecht. 7th and 8th-year students had been looking forward to meeting the professors for a long time. During Meet the Professor, they finally get the chance to ask them everything. This is how Utrecht University introduces primary-school students to science and research in order to reduce the distance between university and society. Professors tell about academic research in general and their own research in particular. The event offers primary-school students the chance to broaden their worlds and contributes to larger future perspectives.

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Watch the video [in Dutch] below to see what the class visits are like.

Meet the Professor 2017 at OBS Overvecht

Golden envelopes

Prior to each ‘Meet the Professor’ event, the participating classes receive a golden envelope every month containing lesson ideas and a hint about their professor. The pupils read these hints to find out more and more about the professor’s identity, while at the same time learning about science, research and the university. 

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group picture Meet the Professor 2019 | Picture: Lize Kraan