OrganisersMartijn Kool, Carolin Kreisbeck, Tristan van Leeuwen and Damaris Schindler.

The Utrecht Mathematical Colloquium is organized once every quarter of the year. The organizing committee invites high-profile speakers. The talks are aimed at a broad mathematically inclined audience including master students. Topics include, but are not limited to, new developments in various fields of mathematics, impact and applications of mathematical research, complex systems, history of mathematics, overview of current state of the art and open problems.

If you will be giving a talk in the colloquium, please take some time to read the guidelines for speakers .


E.g., 10/17/2019

23 May 2019: A1-algebraic toplogy: basic ideas and results - Fabien Morel (München)

7 March 2019: From Abel-Jacobi to the double ramification cycle and beyond - Rahul Pandharipande (ETH Zürich)

7 February 2019: Bivariate polynomial injections - Hector Pasten (PUC Chile)


14 June 2018: Kan Lectures 2018: Modular representation theory Eric Friedlander (University of Southern California)

12 April 2018: The Utrecht Mathematical Colloquium: The geometry of syntax Prof. Dr. Matilde Marcolli (Caltech)

22 March 2018: The Utrecht Mathematical Colloquium:  Applications of Modern Methods in the Calculus of Variations to Nonlinear Elasticity: Relaxation and its Numerical Approximation Prof. Dr. Georg Dolzmann (Universität Regensburg)

1 March 2018: CANCELLED - The 12th Antonie F. Monna Memorial Lecture: Corina Tarnita (Princeton University)


16 November 2017: Random diophantine equations - Jörg Brüdern (University of Göttingen)

2 November 2017: Tamagawa numbers and non-abelian poincaré duality - Jacob Lurie (Harvard)

23 June 2017: Intellectual impostures - lunchinterview with Alain Sokal (New York University)

22 June 2017: 11th Antonie F. Monna Memorial Lecture Total positivity: a concept at the interface between algebra, analysis and combinatorics - Alan Sokal (New York University)

1 June 2017: Kan Memorial Lectures The algebraic topology of diffeomorphism groups - Ib Madsen (University of Copenhagen)

20 April 2017: Applied PDE models in the socio-economic sciences - Marie-Therese Wolfram (Warwick University)

16 February 2017: The cap set problem - Dion Gijswijt (TU Delft)


8 December 2016: Counting curves: an invitation to enumerative geometry - Barbara Fantechi (SISSA Triëste)

8 September 2016: Quantum chaos, eigenvalue statistics and the Fibonacci sequence - Zeev Rudnick (Tel-Aviv University)

3 June 2016: Kan Memorial Lectures 1. Aspects of non-commutative geometry, 2. Higher structures in homotopy theory - Graeme Segal (University of Oxford)

2 June 2016: Kan Memorial Lectures The ubiquity of homotopy - Graeme Segal (University of Oxford)

19 may 2016: Curve counting on Abelian varieties, modular forms, and the combinatorics of box counting - Jim Bryan (University of British Colombia)