Reserved housing for PhDs

Utrecht University reserves temporary accommodation via housing providers for international PhD candidates who do not yet live in the Netherlands. Because reserved accommodation is limited and very popular we advise you to book well in advance. You can book four months prior to arrival. Booking is on first come, first served basis. Because we cannot guarantee housing, we strongly advise you not to solely rely on the housing programme, but to also look for housing on your own.

Reserved housing via SSH Short Stay

All accommodation via SSH Short Stay is fully furnished and has internet provided. For PhDs, SSH Short Stay mostly offers single person studios with private facilities. There is also a limited number of apartments available that is suitable for couples.

SSH Short Stay: Type of accommodation and rent

Average rent

Average rental prices are roughly between 620 and 750 euros for single person studios and between 670 and 950 euros per month including facilities for accommodation suitable for couples.

Rental periods

SSH Short Stay accommodation can be rented for a minimum of one calendar month, and a maximum of one year. You can terminate the rental contract on the first day of the month, subject to a notice period of one calendar month. Extension depends on availability and is only possible if the total rental period does not exceed one year. With each extension a reservation fee of 77,50 euros is charged.


All accommodation is situated within travelling distance from the various university locations: on Utrecht Science Park, in the nearby community Zeist, and on the International Campus Utrecht.

SSH Short Stay: How to apply as a PhD
  1. Go to the SSH website and select "Register for Short Stay accommodations". Registration is free of charge
  2. Fill out the webform. Select the correct faculty combined with “International PhD’s”.  For type of resident, select “UU PhD Candidates” regardless if you hold an employment contract or if you are -temporarily- affiliated through a hospitality agreement.
  3. Upload a digital copy of your passport or identity card
  4. Your registration will be reviewed by the UU International Service Desk
  5. If your registration is correct it will be approved and you can submit a reservation request for your registered time frame via the rent offers page
  6. If you actually reserve accommodation, you pay a non-refundable down payment of one (first) month’s rent, the one-off cleaning costs and the reservation fee of 75 euros

No availability?
It is possible that there is no availability within your registered time frame. You can then consider a later arrival, searching on your own, or booking temporary accommodation such as a hotel or hostel at first. Please log out and leave the date fields blank to view any offers available for other months. You can then view the available time frame if you select “more information” after clicking on the offer. If you prefer to change your registered time frame to match an offer, kindly contact the International Service Desk.

Are you under 30, and will you stay for longer than a year?
Then we recommend you to also apply for SSH unfurnished regular accommodation. This can help you find accommodation after the first year. Follow this link to our student website for more information and how to apply.

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Reserved housing via Camelot Europe

Camelot Europe currently has a limited number of furnished studios available in their brand new Campus 030 residence building. The studios are available for singles or couples and can be booked for a rental period of 12 months. Register to apply for the priority arrangement as soon as possible (first come first served).

Camelot Europe: Type of accommodation and rent

Type of accommodation

The studios are approximately 23m² and have a private kitchen and bathroom. The accommodation can be rented by singles or couples.

Average rent

The rental price is approximately 695 euros excluding, and 942 euros including utilities per month. If you meet the requirements, you can benefit from a cost reduction of up to 350 euros per month (see Rent allowance) on your rent. Bear in mind that, as explained in the contract, the monthly rent excludes Municipal taxes and fees. These must directly be paid by the tenant to either Camelot Europe or to the Municipality of Utrecht upon request.

Rent allowance

If you are 23 years or older and meet the other individual requirements, the reserved accommodation at Camelot Campus 030 is eligible for the government regulated scheme called rent allowance or rental benefits. This means that you can benefit from a cost reduction of up to 350 euros off your monthly net rent. You can find more information about rent allowance on the website of the Dutch Tax Office. If you would like more information on the requirements for rent allowance you can check this page (Dutch only) or contact the Dutch Tax Office directly.

Rental period

The studios are available for the fixed rental period of 12 months: August 2019 to August 2020.


Leidsche Rijn Centrum is the newest urban development in Utrecht. Campus 030 is situated in this brand new centre which combines apartments, shops, restaurants and offices with large and small streets and squares with lots of eateries and social spaces. Campus 030 has excellent public transport access, and is at cycling distance from Utrecht’s City Centre. Follow this link for the location in Google Maps.

Camelot Europe: How to apply as a PhD
  1. Follow the link to the Camelot booking page. Select "Aanmelden/Apply now" > "registreren" (register) for the registration form. Fill out the webform to register an account with Camelot Europe (free of charge). In the field "wachtwoord" enter a password and confirm in the field ''bevestig wachtwoord''. You may leave "gebied/region" blank. Submit the registration and verify by entering the verification code as received by email. Select "Klik hier om naar de login pagina te gaan" to log in and return to the Camelot booking page
  2. Now that you are logged in your Camelot account, click on "Aanmelden / Apply" again to complete your application for a studio in the Campus030 building. You will receive an automated confirmation e-mail from Camelot as soon as you applied
  3. Once Camelot Europe has received your application they will verify that you are eligible with Utrecht University. When your registration is verified Camelot Europe will ask you to upload a copy of your passport and a copy of your bank pass
  4. Once Camelot has received your documentation they will ask you to digitally sign the contract and to make the following payments by online bank transfer: 1000 euro deposit, 100 euro cleaning fee, and the first month’s rent.
Camelot Europe: Frequently asked questions

Does Camelot offer accommodation to couples or families?

The accommodation in Camelot Campus 030 is suitable for couples. The accommodation is not suitable for house sharing, children or families.

Am I allowed to bring my pet?

The Reserved Accommodation Programme does not offer accommodation that is suitable for pets.

Can I rent Camelot accommodation for longer or shorter?  

This is not possible. Reserved Camelot accommodation is only available for a fixed rental period of 12 months. If you are looking for accommodation for a shorter time frame it is not possible to book this accommodation.

Is your question not answered in this FAQ? You can contact Camelot Europe via or call +31 (0)88 – 226 35 68. Make sure to inform Camelot in all your contact that your question regards the Utrecht University priority arrangement for internationals.

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