Other ways to find accommodation

Due to the high demand for (affordable) housing in and around Utrecht searching on your own can take up time and effort. Make sure to start your search several months in advance! The International Service Desk can support your search by providing you with answers to questions about housing, and more practical questions about your stay in the Netherlands.

Important things to keep in mind

Before you start your search make sure to read up on the typicalities of the Dutch housing market. How do you, for example, recognise a scammer or a fake rental offer? Note that some of the information on this page (number four) specifically applies to student accommodation.

Housing budget

Average rent in and around Utrecht can be quite high. Please see this overview for the average costs of living per month. Also bear in mind that when you enter into a rental agreement you usually pay several fees, a downpayment or a deposit, and administrative costs. For self-contained housing (so with private facilities) the rent is usually calculated excluding gas, electrics and water, and yearly local taxes. Local taxes must be paid each year upon request of the municipality or landlord.


Choosing the location

Make sure to also include the surrounding municipalities and cities in your search. This can increase your chances of finding (affordable) housing. The Netherlands has an excellent public transport network and surrounding areas in municipalities such as De Bilt, Zeist, Bunnik, Houten, Nieuwegein, IJsselstein, Woerden and Maarssen are within cycling distance to the university.

Platforms, agencies and temporary accommodation

The websites, platforms and agencies listed below and the accommodation they offer have not been verified or approved by the university. This is a referral service only. Make sure to always use your common sense when it comes to housing and financial matters and remain alert for scammers. Because it is not uncommon to start your stay in temporary arrangements, we have also listed temporary options.  

Currently available on the private market: furnished apartments via Domvast.nl

Domvast agency currently has a number of new fully furnished one room studios and two room apartments available in Utrecht at Van Heuven Goedhartlaan. They are suitable for a single tenant or a couple (not for house sharing). If interested, mention in the subject field of your email that are a UU international PhD or staff member, they will try to handle your message with priority. Note that they may need proof that you can afford the rent.

Domvast: One room studio
  • Monthly rent: 975 euros excluding and 1.125 euros including internet, TV, a laundry room and including utilities (water, gas/heating, electricity)
  • Follow this link to the Domvast ad
Domvast: Two room apartment
  • Monthly rent: 1.075 euros excluding and 1.275 euros including internet, TV, a laundry room and including utilities (water, gas/heating, electricity)
  • Follow this link to the Domvast ad
Domvast: rental period

6 months or longer

Domvast: apply / contact