About us

Our mission is to decipher the fundamental principles that govern life.

The Institute of Biodynamics and Biocomplexity (IBB) aims to decipher the fundamental principles that regulate dynamic biological processes. To tackle such a complex topic, we combine biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics in an interdisciplinary approach. 

Studies in different model systems – ranging from membrane trafficking, cytoskeletal organization, and division of animal cells, to the development of microbial colonies, embryos, brain and immune system – are connected by common experimental techniques, such as advanced live cell imaging and computational approaches. Our goal is to elucidate the evolutionary steps, mechanisms and principles that underlie complex, dynamic biological processes. Building on our research, we aim to contribute to biotechnological and biomedical innovations, including novel therapies to cure cancer, infectious diseases, neurodegenerative disorders and metabolic diseases.

Our programme spans a wide range of topics, which are clustered into three themes:

  • Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Biophysics
  • Developmental Biology

The institute houses four core facilities: the Biology Imaging Centre (BIC), Nanobody Platform (UNP), UU Large Particle Flow Cytometry (UU-LPC), and Protein Interactions and Network Analysis. These facilities provide cutting edge services to IBB staff and students as well as research partners within and outside Utrecht University.

For more information on our research, education and staff, visit http://www.ibb-uu.nl/