Wi-Fi at Utrecht University

At UU, there are two available Wi-Fi networks: Utrecht University and Eduroam. Both provide access to the internet. The following describes which Wi-Fi network is most suitable.

UU employees and students

UU employees and students are advised to connect to the wifi network called 'Utrecht University'. This network provides access to all IT applications and UU systems (such as printing, the U-disk, etc). Connecting with eduroam is an option when only internet is needed (similar to home).

Guests from other educational institutions

Guests (employees and students) from other educational institutions can use eduroam. Connecting is automatic when eduroam has already been set up at your own educational institute.

Other guests

Guests who by default do not have access to eduroam can use eduroam Visitor Access (eVA). This is the guest network of eduroam. Access works as follows:

  • Getting a day code by yourself. On several TV screens at the UU is a daycode for eduroam. Guests can text this daycode to the given phone number and receive a login name and password for eduroam by SMS. This is valid for the whole day. Setting up the device (phone, laptop) is done in the usual way and is described in the manuals.
  • A contact person at the UU can create a guest account via https://eva.eduroam.nl/en/login (and manual here). Ask your UU contact to take care of this.

Going abroad or to another (non UU) location?

Then connect to eduroam on that location using using your UU e-mail address and password. You may need to re-enter your credentials to connect.