Teaching, Learning and Training


Osiris is the Student Information System that contains all student information and all information regarding study programmes, courses and internships. 


Blackboard is the university's digital learning environment. Teachers can make course materials and assignments available for their students and they can communicate with each other. This is possible within the course environment, but also within certain communities. 

Syllabus Plus

Syllabus Plus is the university's central scheduling system and is the source for all scheduling processes. So not only academic scheduling for classes, but also for events and bookings. 

Video platform

With the UU videoplatform we make digital video registrations of lectures, events, congresses, etc. Recordings are made available online.


Within the programme Educate-it we are developing tools for e-assessments. Read more about blended learning and e-assessments on the Educate-it website


Plagiary detection software is available for all teachers.