Help, Support and Desktops

IT Service Desk

Need help, advice or IT-manuals? Visit the IT Service Desk page.

Workstation hardware

We have an extensive catalogue with hardware options. We also offer advice for ergonomic hardware.

Application Support

All our hardware comes with a large selection of available applications. We make sure all applications are up to date.

Printing, scanning and copying

Throughout the university we have multifunctional printers available for all users. The devices offer printing, scanning and copying services with 'follow me' technology. Sending a print job from your mobile device is also possible.

CRTLwork (RSI Prevention)

CtrlWORK is a program designed to protect users against CANS (formerly known as RSI). CtrlWORK is installed on every university workstation and is also available free of charge to all students at Utrecht University for their home computer. We advise you to install CtrlWORK if you regularly work on your computer for periods longer than two hours at a time.

Students can download it here, and employees can download it from the intranet.