Work safely

Valuable information like research data, study results and other privacy sensitive data needs to be protected. Whether the data is stored on paper, in IT systems or wherever; anything valuable should be kept safe.

Appropriate measures

Good IT-security starts at the basis; with firewalls, virus detection and such. But the threats constantly change. Were viruses ever the number one treat; nowadays malware and phishing are popular with cybercriminals. Even your online identity can be stolen. Stay alert, stick to the rules and take your own precautions to work  ‘cyber safe’. 

Safer online? 

Are you a student? Here are some things you can do yourself
Employee? Specific tips and advice you’ll find here 

Information security policy

Are you an employee? View our information security policy (English) on the intranet. Also available in Dutch.

Are you a student? Ask your supervisor for the policy or send an email to

Report abuse

Do you suspect abuse of the university systems or equipment; report it immediately to the Computer Incident Response Team (CERT-UU) of Utrecht University via

Read more about Utrecht University’s spearheads of Information Security