Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UU)

A university Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UU) has been established at Utrecht University. CERT-UU is a specialised team of IT professionals operating at the behest of the university's Corporate Information Security Officer.

The team manages a central notification desk for information security incidents and coordinates the handling of incidents. In this case, 'incident' refers to:

  • security incidents involving or affecting the university's employees or students (as a victim or perpetrator) or IT resources;
  • theft or destruction of IT resources.

CERT-UU has formulated its working methods and other relevant information in an RFC 2350 document for CERT-UU. This is an international standard for computer security incident response teams. The standard describes how and for which issues other CERT organizations can approach the National Cyber Security Center in case of incidents. Binnen de Universiteit Utrecht is een Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UU) ingericht. CERT-UU is een gespecialiseerd team van IT-professionals en opereert in opdracht van de Corporate Information Security Officer van de universiteit.

Responsible disclosure

At Utrecht University, we consider the security of our systems a top priority. Despite our security efforts, a vulnerability could occur in one of our systems. When you detect such a vulnerability, please let us know. When we receive such a notification we can take action as soon as possible, working together with you in an ongoing effort to keep our systems secure. This is what we call responsible disclosure.


Use the public CERT-UU PGP key to send confidential messages to CERT-UU and to verify the authenticity of CERT-UU's digital signature.

Telephone: +31 (30) 253 5959 (for emergencies only).

Information security policy

To learn more about safe data handling, go to the website work safely.

If you have any questions about the information security policy, please contact Utrecht University's Corporate Information Security Officer, via