YODA: Store, Manage and Share Your Valuable Data - DemoLAB

Typical for today’s research is the use of large volumes of data shared between researchers from different institutes. Easy to use data management tools are needed to safely collaborate on data during a research project and to facilitate re-use thereafter. Proper data management allows researchers to comply with institutional policies, funding provisions and contractual obligations. E.g NWO and H2020.

YODA (Your Data), developed by ITS in collaboration with the YOUth consortium, is a system for reliable, long-term storing and archiving large amounts of research data during all stages of a study. Strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies uses YODA to for their research data management (I-Lab). YODA is a generic, flexible and scalable solution. Research groups can easily adapt YODA to their own data management needs and requirements.

I-lab is the research data management solution for Institutions for Open Societies community. I-lab is build on the YODA data management infrastructure. I-lab consists of three parts:

  • Information platform – for (hands on) support for and information on Research Data Management
  • Datalab and Repository – for (collaborative) developing, storing, archiving and describing datasets
  • Catalogue – for searching and disseminating datasets

Data Science Day is this year’s edition of the annual IT Day, an initiative of Information and Technology Services (ITS) which has taken place since 2016. Each year, the event focuses on current IT trends and developments impacting education, research and work at Utrecht University. Depending on the theme chosen, the event is either intended for all UU colleagues (and external partners) or for a group of colleagues with a common interest.