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Many books and podcasts are produced or presented by researchers connected to Utrecht University. In this section we will keep you informed about books and podcasts created by alumni of Utrecht University.

Focused on the Future

Eva Oosters zit op een bank op de atletiekbaan

In the podcast series Focused on the Future, Utrecht councillor Eva Oosters talks to three scientists from Utrecht University about the first citizens’ assembly in Utrecht, about how to celebrate new years eve. In this podcast, she shares her experiences and Eva and the scientists discuss how to deal with certain obstacles in the future and how a citizens' assembly can contribute to a effective democracy. 27 May online.

You can find this and many other UU podcasts on this page.

Doe zelf normaal

Cover met groot de titel van het boek erop
Maxim Februari, Publisher Prometheus, € 22,50

Under the influence of climate change and intelligent technologies, the democratic rule of law is changing. Nature and technology control decision making processes and make decisions as well. Too much knowledge about the future threatens to remain with experts and universities. It is time to gather this knowledge and engage in a public debate about the upcoming changes.

De inventieve middeleeuwen

Cover van de inventieve middeleeuwen
Ria Paroubek-Groenewoud & Carine van Rhijn (editor), Publisher Verloren, € 25,00

Practical knowledge and expertise from before the year 1000. The middle ages are not really known as a time of great knowledge and expertise. But they should be. Everyday problems from a thousand years ago are often not that different from our own but that doesn’t always apply to the solutions. For example, how to prepare for a trip? Or how do you solve arguments? These everyday problems might not be very different from our, the solutions however, aren't always as similair.

De man in de Amstel

Cover van het boek met een man die in het donker over straat loopt
Duco Hellema, Publisher Prometheus, € 22,50

Amsterdam, November 1948. The fear for the Soviet Union is rising. Everywhere over the world, people are watching communism rise. The Netherlands also have their own issues. The war in Republik Indonesia is still ongoing. Economically, the Netherlands are also struggling. The American have started their Marshall plan, but citizens are not noticing that yet. In the mean while, Bob de Winters' law firm is starting to grown. But then, the body of a man is found in the Amstel. Lawyer De Winter is asked to find out what happened.

Het groene poetsboekje

Cover van het boek, een hand houdt een schoonmaakfles vast
Diet Groothuis, Publisher Atlas Contact, € 17,50

Sick of all those cleaning materials in your closet? Throw them away, and buy yourself the golden trinity of soda, green soap and cleaning vinegar. This is better voor your wallet and for the environment. Poet, literary scholar and cleaning guru Diet Groothuis tells you everything you need to know about mopping, polishing, hoovering and cleaning materials. She succeeds so well in doing this, it will almost make you want to clean.

Hogere machten

Cover met de titel en allemaal verschilende mensen erop
Joost de Vries, Publisher Prometheus, € 24,99

It’s the 1930s. James Welmoed meets Elizabeth van Elzenburg. He is a social, ambitious officiary, cunning, seemingly stoic. She is a author, exuberant, adventurous, incredibly spry. They have nothing in common with each other - except for the fact that they can not stop thinking about each other. What follows is an affair that lasts for decades, while the world is changing around them.


Gele cover van oersoep met tekening van een hoofd er op
Bregje Hofstede, Das Mag Publishers, € 22,99

A lyrical reading experience that at times feels more like a trip than a novel. Through childbirth pain, rugby, medieval musicians and the inner life of a root sprout, Bregje Hofstede investigates the yearning for self-loss in a disenchanted age.


Rode cover met het word limitarisme met steeds een letter minder
Ingrid Robeyns, De Bezige Bij, € 27,50

No person should live in poverty; everyone agrees on that. But isn't too much money just as undesirable? The gap between rich and poor is constantly increasing. A small group of super-rich people is becoming increasingly richer, while the distance between them and people without significant assets is increasing. That is morally indefensible, says political philosopher Ingrid Robeyns. In this fiery argument, she explains the arguments for limitarianism and outlines what it would look like in practice. We must move towards a system in which the strongest shoulders actually bear the heaviest burdens and inequalities are limited. The excess money of the super-rich can bring a lot of good to people and society. And everyone ultimately benefits from this, including the super-rich themselves.

Liberator Down

Cover van boek, een groep jongens in ouderweste kleding
Now translated to Duch by alumna Caroline Brevet, Adri Brevet and Wim de Leur, € 29,95

The incredible story of the US pilot John Keeffe who, on 8 March 1944, had to jump out of his crashed bomber above Papendal and survived. The American pilot survived. His son James H. Keeffe wrote down the incredible story.

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