Future Food Lab

Come and taste sustainability at Future Food Lab in the Educatorium

Welcome to Utrecht University’s testing ground, where experiments are being carried out towards a healthy, tasty, and sustainable restaurant offer.

A caterer at a knowledge institute - that has potential! Therefore, the Educatorium restaurant at Utrecht Science Park will from now on be the beating heart of science and exciting food initiatives: Future Food Lab. Keep an eye on the central Future Food Island in the restaurant, as this is now the place where the caterer will be presenting its sustainable, tasty menu to you.

Would you like to contribute to the Future Food Lab? Come and taste the sustainable food on offer and share your thoughts via the ideas board in the restaurant. We are curious about your insights on food and sustainability, and would like to work together with you on consistently improving the restaurant offer.

Exhibitions and activities

In the near future, Future Food Lab will be hosting exhibitions and activities around alternating food-related themes. Take a look at the wooden houses in the restaurant to discover what is happening at the university in the field of food and sustainability.

Within the Future Food Lab, students, scientists, staff and caterer explore questions like:

  • What is the impact of my ham sandwich on biodiversity?
  • How can our crops be made climate-proof?
  • Nature-inclusive agriculture, how does it work?
  • What are the ethical and philosophical aspects to consider when it comes to altering our food chains?

Future Food Lab is an initiative of Utrecht University (by the Green Office and Future Food) and the caterer.