Paper Waste Project

Up-cycling for Good

As some of you may know, Utrecht University changed its logo that appears on printing paper and envelopes. This left the University with a considerable surplus of paper deemed unsuitable for continued use. Rubbish we say!

Luckily for everyone at the Green Office the sustainably conscious drs. Joris Peelen, Corporate Identity Consultant at Utrecht University, collected all the leftover paper. At the time, research determined that at four departments of the University there were over 70 boxes of leftover paper already - and we’re still counting! The Green Office and proud partner Ecodrukkers, stepped in to help Joris with this project by up-cycling all the collected paper into new useable products.

Successfully, we managed to use all of the surplus paper, and created a grand total of 51,000 pages in notepads (as you can see in the image)! A great effort by all involved, and a special mention to Joris Peelen from the Communication Department for his help! If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on one of the recycled notepads, come along to one of our GOU Events or drop by the office to say Hello!