Living Lab Symposium

Living lab Symposium

Every year, the GOU hosts the Living Lab Symposium. Here, the results of a year of Living Lab research is presented, prizes are awarded and a prominent person from within the university will shortly address all attending.

This year, we present to you the proud winner of the jury prize: Zóra Tamás, with her research on the Human Influence on the Bat Population at the Uithof. The winner of the public prize was Lotte van Neer with her research on Hardcopy Advertisement and Printing Behaviour at UU. Congratulations!

Zora Tama winner Living Lab Symposium 2017
Foto: Robert Oosterbroek

Promising research project 2017

The research project 'Bat population on campus' by Zora Tamas was awarded as most promising research project. Zora won a ‘sustainable experience’; a workshop about food preservation at Instock.