Research topics


Struggling with your research topic? Still looking for a case for your master or bachelor thesis? Here are some ready-to-go research topics for you, provided by the Green Office Utrecht Living Lab! Within the Green Office Utrecht, the Living Lab forms the connection between research and education at Utrecht University. Together with teachers and students, we try to find solutions to sustainability related issues put forward by university staff. Below you find some examples from a longer list of research topics. Interested in taking a look at the whole list? Mail us at or just drop by at our office!

Wastestream analysis at University College Utrecht

Wastestream analysis at University College Utrecht Each year hundreds of exchange students move from, and too the campus of the UCU. This results in a lot of waste streams, especially with regards to habitation. Utrecht University wants to know what these wastestreams are and how much of it is generated each year. What are sustainable solutions to deal with this waste, and what are oppurtunities to reduce or reuse these wastestreams?.

Nudging towards sustainability in the Educatorium canteen

The operator of the Educatorium canteen, Sodexo, is very keen on finding out what nudging could do to sustainable choices of customers. This research topic would focus on comparing general sales with sales when a nudging component is included. Regarding this nudging component, one could think of adding signs to more sustainable options (conscious nudging) or making them more easily accessible (unconscious nudging). Furthermore, a survey could be conducted to gather more information on customer opinions.