How to get involved

The Living Lab essentially is an interplay between four types of players: the Green Office, the university staff, teachers and students. 

Are you a student?

As a student, you can get involved in the Living Lab either through a teacher using our subjects in a course you follow or by contacting us personally, for instance when you would like to see whether you can use a Living Lab subject for your thesis.

Are you a teacher?

The GOU Living Lab sets out to provide teachers with real-life cases close to home, on our own university. Experience has taught us students get motivated when they know they’re working for real-life clients and even more so when they see their results may actually get implemented. The GOU Living Lab has a pool of contact people within university departments like Facility Management, Real Estate & Campus, and IT. They give us the sustainability issues they run into during their work, which will then hopefully be taken up by your students!

Are you a UU-staff member?

As a staff member, the GOU Living Lab can help you get those issues researched that you might otherwise not have the time, money or man power to get to. The students work as consultants, having a few meetings and fitting their research to your wishes. We’ve been working with many students from Sustainable Development, but we’re also working with Biology, Psychology, and Management students. We’re always looking for new studies to engage, so don’t hesitate to submit any kind of issues.

Interested? Send an e-mail to with the subject ‘Living Lab’.