Green Impact

GREEN IMPACT is a change and engagement programme, set up in the UK, that enables, accredits and awards university departments for sustainability efforts. The programme has now been adapted and implemented at Utrecht University and encourages university staff members to make their workplace greener

sustainability competition

With the Green Impact campaign, Green Office Utrecht encourages staff members and students of Utrecht University to participate in a sustainability competition. Participating teams gain credits for sustainability actions – such as encouraging the use of public transport and bikes or working on an advice on double sided printing, – and can achieve a bronze, silver or gold award every year.

By taking concrete action the Green Impact campaign ensures positive, sustainable changes of the workplace and thus of Utrecht University.

green impact toolkit

Participating teams can register and follow the progress of their actions in the Green Impact toolkit. The toolkit includes actions that are applicable at Utrecht University. If you want to know more, take a look at the Green Impact website.