Green Office Utrecht is powered by members who are willing to take on a new challenge. Here you can find out more about the committees that are currently active - and if you're interested in getting involved, check out which committees are in need of volunteers here.

Food Committee

The goal of this committee is to increase awareness about the growing amount of sustainable food choices, and to actively organize initiatives e.g. food festivals and other educational events.

Biodiversity Committee

The Biodiversity committee works on projects to create more accessible green areas on campus for students and staff, as well as to showcase and increase the value of the green facilities that already exist.

Mobility Committee

This committee will focus on mobility, one of the major parts of the footprint of Utrecht University. It will involve activities and campaigns to support the transition towards sustainable mobility.

Circularity Committee

The Circularity committee will explore the possibility of starting different projects involved in circularity i.e. smart waste management within Utrecht University.

Visibility Committee

This committee will be working on enhancing the outreach of the Green Office Utrecht. It does so in cooperation with the other committees and is involved in organizing events on the various GOU themes.

Green Impact Committee

Green Impact is an international campaign that has come over from the UK. The aim is to encourage colleagues and students in a cheerful competition to promote sustainability by taking concrete actions on the work floor. 

Living Lab Committee

The Living Lab Committee will help organise the yearly Living Lab Symposium in June. In this symposium the four best researches done by student about sustainability in the Living Lab will be presented in Pechu Kucha style. In this interactive way we want to keep students and employees of the university involved with the Green Office and the Living Lab Project.

The Green Office has plans ready for you to act!