Positions for new commitee members are now open!

We are looking NOW for members for our committees! We advise you to read through the existing teams and fill in your application. Deadline is September 24th.
The admissions process takes several weeks. Replies to inquiries can sometimes take several days, especially during the application period. Your patience is appreciated.

Green Office Team

Green Office Team

We are currently not looking for new student employees. But keep an eye out for this page, vacancies for the Green Office Team open up about twice a year. Do you want to know what everyone is doing, read their stories on our team page

Discover all Green Office Utrecht membership opportunities!

Green Office Member

To become a Green Office Utrecht member is an excellent opportunity to be involved in the sustainable transition of Utrecht University and to develop your skills and learn how to work better to carry on projects. Do you want to support the green office in its activities by becoming a member of our support pool? Please, fill this form and we will contact you if we need help in any of our activities.

What's in it for you?

If you become a Green Office Utrecht member, you will have access to:  

  1. Be part of the most important sustainability community at Utrecht University.
  2. Push the university in its transition towards a sustainable future.
  3. Relevant information (internship opportunities, contests, volunteership opportunities…). 
  4. Workshops and crash courses offered by Green Office Utrecht.
  5. Information about the regular activities that Green Office Utrecht organises. 
  6. Committee members who engage in a project for at least a semester will receive an official endorsement and a certificate for the work done.

Committee positions

Committee members are people who volunteer in a steady position in the Green Office. They collaborate in an Ongoing project or in a Committee. Positions for new committee members open up twice a year, so check it out this page.