What's Groentetas?

Groentetas is a project run by students since 1994. Groentetas means ‘vegetable bag’ in Dutch, not surprisingly we sell vegetables and fruit. These goods are local and (mostly) organic to stimulate a more sustainable consumption amongst students and staff. We are a non-profit organisation, which means that we sell our vegetables for the same price we buy them from the farmers. The vegetables of the Groentetas come from the farmers collaboration called Local2Local.

Ordering a Groentetas - Een Groentetas bestellen from Groentetas on Vimeo.

The perks of buying a groentetas

The Groentetas is inexpensive – it is probably the cheapest option you have for organic vegetables and fruits.

Moreover, the Groentetas is healthy – besides organic goods, variation and vegan recipes, we provide a healthy system by taking care of the farmers.

Groentetas is focussing on sustainability – we provide local seasonal products and do not use packaging. Customers bring their own bag.

Groentetas is easy -  you do not need to go to the shop or decide what to eat for dinner. You just pick up your bag and can use the provided recipes. Especially when you are eating with friends or roommates, many of our customers buy several bags with their house and eat together.

How to order a Groentetas

  • Cash

The first and foremost easy option is to come to our stand in the Green Office (Heidelberglaan 8) on Monday between 11AM and 2PM. If you bring 6 euros in cash, you can order the bag for next Monday. 


  • Order online

Pay for your bag with iDeal on the Groentetas website. Make sure you order by Wednesday evening at the latest to pick up your bag the following Monday.


  • From a student association

To better reach students and staff alike, we work together with student associations on various locations on campus. They have wider opening hours. These associations provide alternative options to order and receive your vegetable bag.

Currently we have arrangements with Art, Alias, Djembé, Hucbald, Mebiose, SGS, UHSK and UBV. You can order from associations even if you are not a member, but ask the board of the study association concerned to arrange this.

If you are a student association and you would like to help our cause and at the same time offer a new service to your members, you can always contact us at


At the Groentetas you can freely choose which weeks you want to order or not, but we do ask you to pay in advance. This is because we do not want to run the risk that people will not bother to pick up their veggies forcing us to find another destination. You can choose to pay for several weeks at once (either in cash or online) – but don’t forget to tell us which Mondays you would like to pick up a bag.

Where to pick up your veggies?

You can pick up your vegetables at our veggiestand every Monday from 11AM till 2PM at the entrance of the Bestuursgebouw (Heidelberglaan 8). Please bring your own bag (B.Y.O.B)! We want to stimulate people to re-use their own bags to reduce plastic pollution and the excessive waste of paper. Orders made at study associations can be picked up at that same study association.

Be on time!

Keep in mind that if you forget to pick up your bag on Monday during our opening hours, you will not get a refund. If you let us know in advance, it might be possible to move your order to the next week – but only in proper consultation with us.

We are looking for volunteers!

One of the reasons we’ve managed to stay successful is due to our wonderful volunteers that have been willing to help us out. We are always looking for volunteers! Do you want to help us with this wonderful, sustainable, and healthy project? Contact us at .


If you have any questions or suggestions, e-mail us at or visit us at the stand on Monday!

You can find us in the Green Office on Mondays from 11.00 to 14.00, located at the Bestuursgebouw, Heidelberglaan 8, close to the fountain.

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