UU Talks

UU Talks
UU Talks at the Green Office: Visions Worth Sharing

The UU Talks are “Ted Talk” style lectures designed to give students a platform on which to present their research and personal passion in the field of sustainability and to disseminate new and exciting research, activities and ideas to the public. The sustainability theme remains intentionally broad so as to incorporate the largest composition of fields, from political science to environmental science to economics to innovation to urban planning. We seek a broad array of student presenters to share their ideas outside of the classroom and to attract a wide range of audience members in an interactive and invigorating setting.

The UU Talks have three main objectives:

  • Promote sustainability awareness and research across disciplines
  • Provide a platform for students to express themselves and engage in passionate discussion and debates
  • Give students the opportunity to build upon their speaking and presentation skills

UU Talks can use a range of different formats, but the general layout is designed to present the audience with a specific perspective on sustainability challenges and allow for discussion and interaction with the public. The talks can range from a 15-20 minute “lecture” followed by a Q&A session to a panel discussion, in which 2-3 presenters debate/discuss the issue at hand before opening up the discussion to the public. The ensure the widest participation, all talks will be held in English.