Green Impact

Green Impact is a behaviour-changing program, set up in 2006 in the UK, that enables employees within an organization to implement sustainable changes within the organisation. The program has grown a lot over the past years in the UK and is being implemented now in dozens of organisations like companies, hospitals, student associations and of course universities.

The Green Impact challenge has been implemented in Utrecht University since 2018 and motivates employees to make their workplace more sustainable. In this way, enthusiastic employees can help the sustainable transition of the Utrecht University by making changes to their own working environment.

Want to know more about what the impact that Green Impact can make? Click here to learn the highlights of the challenge held at Utrecht University in 2018-2019.

What do you do for a more sustainable UU?

Sustainability Competition

With the Green Impact challenge, the Green Office stimulates employees of the Utrecht University to compete in a sustainability competition. Participating teams will  get credits for completing challenges that are mainly aimed at making your working place more sustainable. For example, you could come up with a plan to stimulate your colleagues to take the public transport to work, or make a carpooling plan. You could also stimulate your colleagues to use a re-usable mug for the coffee machine, instead of the single-use paper cups.

By taking concrete action, the Green Impact challenge will initiate positive changes in your working environment, while making your office and the entire university more sustainable. The competition will run from February to June, after which prizes will be awarded to the most successful teams.

Green Impact Toolkit

The Green Impact challenge makes use of an online toolkit where actions are prescribed that the teams can complete. The amount of credits earned for a specific challenge depends on the difficulty level of the challenge. The actions in the toolkit are divided in to different categories that are consistent with the sustainability plan for the future of the Utrecht University.

Do you have your own brilliant idea? Of course we can only stimulate that, so along with the actions that are already described in the toolkit, there is also a lot of space for your own ideas. Want to know what the toolkit looks like? Take a look at the Green Impact website.

The advantages of green impact

  • The challenge will provide you with actions that you can implement in your daily life to live a more sustainable life.
  • You become part of a sustainability-conscious community within the UU.
  • It is a fun way to do bring important changes to your working environment. It’s perfect for teambuilding!
  • You are not alone. Small actions that you take on with your team become big actions with the rest of the Green Impact teams. This is how we can really make a difference for the UU in the area of sustainability. 


How can I participate?
  • Form a team together with your colleagues of at least two people
  • Sign up with your team on, or join an already existing team.
  • Tackle the first challenges with your team!
Is it too late to participate?

The competition will start on February 7th 2019, and will be kicked off at a launch event at the Green Office Utrecht. Even if the competition already started however, you can still sign up whenever you want, and have a chance at winning!

What kind of prizes can I win?

If your team ends up winning in a certain category, or comes out first overall, there are several prizes that you could win!

These prizes include some glorious and majestic plants for your office, or even a free lunch for your team at De VeldKeuken, a biological bakery & restaurant.

How can I earn points?

You can check an action in the toolkit when you have finished it. If you have finished an action, you need to upload evidence in the form of a photo or a document.

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