The Green Office has plans ready for you to act!

Green Office Utrecht is powered by members who are willing to take on a new challenge. Scroll down and have a look at all committees that are active right now!

Activities Committee

The committee tries to think of a new small scale activities once a month: think of a book swap, a vegan workshop, a cosmetics DIY evening or even as simple as a film screening. The committee meets up once a week. 

Food Committee

The Food Committee aims to improve the availability of sustainable food options in UU and it wants to help with events and campaigns that have to do with this topic. Furthermore, the Food Committee can also organize its own events or small campaigns. The Food Committee meets up approximately once every two weeks.

Green Impact

The Green Impact team still does not exist, but we want to start this project in February. Green Impact is an international campaign that has come over from the UK. The aim is to encourage colleagues and students in a cheerful competition to promote sustainability by taking concrete actions on the work floor. The campaign runs from February to May 2018.

Campaigns committee

The campaigns committee supports the Green Office by conducting our current campaigns. This committee is responsible for creating awareness among students and staff members on sustainability related topics.

UU talks

UU talks is a platform on which students can present their research and personal passion in the field of sustainability and to disseminate new research, activities and ideas to the public. The UU talks team organises lectures on Thursday evening every two weeks.

Tours on Campus

Started this year, the campus sustainability tour highlights many of the sustainable initiatives and much of the sustainable infrastructure on campus that you may or may not have noticed. In this project, volunteers have the ability to shape the tour and how it operates. 

Events Committee

The events committee collaborates with Green Office Utrecht by promoting its activities and campaigns. This team spreads the word about how Green Office Utrecht is supporting Utrecht University to become a more sustainable environment. Here GOU members learn a lot about promotion strategies and how to communicate in public.

Workshops committee

The workshops committee supports the Green Office by performing workshops throughout the university. Helping university employees and students to learn more about how to adopt a sustainable behaviour and reduce their environmental footprint.


Groentetas is the oldest project in the Green Office, it is even older than the Green Office itself. Groentetas is run by five board members and many volunteers. This team sells bags of seasonal vegetables and fruits from local farmers in the UU every Monday. By doing so, they promote more sustainable and healthy consumption patterns amongst students and staff. 

Electronics watch for UU

Electronics Watch is a project team that wants to influence the procurement department of Utrecht University to become a partner of Electronics Watch and to change its purchase protocol when purchasing electronic devices to ensure that all the electronic devices of the university are purchased from socially responsible suppliers.

Thrift shop for UU

The thrift shop for UU project aims to reduce generation of waste in the Uithof by promoting a more circular economy and the use of second-hand goods by the people who live or work in the Uithof. They promote a piop-up thrift shop in the campus, clothes-swap events and other alternatives to promote the reuse of goods and avoid waste. 

Humans of GOU

Humans of GOU is a project that aims to generate more sustainability awareness on social media by sharing personal stories and photos through social media. This project was inspired by other projects such as Humans of New York or Humans of Utrecht. It aims to approach sustainability from a different and new perspective, less technical and more personal and human.

Living lab committee

The Living Lab Committee will organise the Living Lab Symposium in June. In this symposium the four best researches done by student about sustainability in the Living Lab will be presented in a new format called Pechu Kucha. In this interactive way we want to keep students and employees of the university involved with the Green Office and the Living Lab Project.