Applications and Financing

Turning Ideas Into Action

The Green Office Utrecht (GOU) aims to be the central hub for students, faculty, and staff to come together to support Utrecht University’s sustainable development. GOU acts as a platform to facilitate the formation of sustainable ideas into tangible projects and initiatives. Furthermore, GOU provides an overview of all the ongoing activities and people associated with the university who are involved in sustainability.

The GOU acts to support projects rather than adopt projects by establishing sound relations through informing, involving, and empowering individuals to act. Project development occurs in a cooperative manner – GOU does not intend to takeover existing projects, initiatives, or organizations. The support provided can be organizational, financial, advisory, or the Green Office network and facilities.

If you have a sound proposal for a new project, or have spoken to the GOU about your idea please fill in the Application (Project Group & Funding)  and send it to the GOU email.

For project teams and partnered organizations looking to obtain financial support from the GOU please fill in the Budget template and send it to the GOU email two weeks prior to the event or funding requirement. Please ensure a conversation—via email or in person—about your required finances has taken place with the GOU prior to requesting support.