Plastic Recyling


Between January and May 2015 the Green Office collaborated with the Facilities Service Centre to investigate plastic waste on campus; how much was being properly recycled and what we could do to promote correct recycling. This is a project that the Facilities Service Centre had been working on for some time and the Green Office was keen to be involved and help out with this initiative.

This project consisted of two stages:

Stage One: Control

Measurements were made in the Ruppert building, recording weight of the plastic waste and estimations of the contamination within the bag (i.e. how much was actually plastic)

Stage Two: Coupling

Within the Ruppert building all waste bins and plastic bins were coupled and strapped together. This way if someone approached the bins they would have an option to recycle.

This research helped to build a case for new recycling bins on campus, larger bins with separated compartments. These bins will be in place by the end of 2015! If you want to find out more about the results of this research or read the initial thesis project it was based on send us an email at