Move a plant

Hello biological parent!
Move a Plant

Thank you for participating in Move a Plant! In October we're opening a new Green Office Dependance at Drift, and we're really excited to get started. To help us bring some green to the city centre, you can take care of your little plant and pass it on to a colleague in two weeks' time so that the news spreads. On October 9th, the date of our grand opening, one of the parents who has taken care of the plant can come and visit the Dependance at Drift 13, room 0.05.



Give your plant the love it deserves!
  • The plant should always be in a pot with holes, so that excess water can leak out and the plant won’t rot
  • Water the plant once or twice a week, and more if it's sitting close to the air conditioning or heating
  • The water you give to the plant should be at room temperature - some plants are sensitive to cold or hot water

If you have any questions or need help with gardening, feel free to drop by the Green Office Utrecht at the Uithof.