Adopt a plant

Adopt a plant

Did you know that plants not only reduce stress, but also contribute to the air quality and can diffract or absorb noise pollution?

This gave us enough reason to not only fill our own office with plants, but also wanting to give our colleagues an easy way to make to make their own office spaces greener. Thus, we have come up with the Adopt a plant project, where we nurture cuttings from other plants until they are big enough to be adopted. So you can just come by our office, and ask to adopt a plant!

How to take care of your adopted plant

One of the plants you can adopt is the Chlorophytum Comosum, the Spider plant, also known as Airplane plant. This plant is a native from South Africa.

Instructions for the Spider plant

Spider plants are known for their air purifying abilities, they do not appreciate direct or hot sunlight. In summer keep the soil moist to encourage the growth and do not let the soil dry out in winter, water once or twice a week. Fertilize at the most once or twice a month but do not overfertilze. It's important to cut of the yellow leaves as soon as possible. When the plant is grown it will make little ‘babies’, let it grow a little and then take it off the plant and put it in water until the roots begin to grow, then put the roots in soil.