In 2014, as part of the Green Office Utrecht Living Lab project, a group of MSc Sustainable Development students did a research project on IT Energy Conservation on the UU Campus. The report looked at the current situation and gave suggestions on how it can be improved. They found that technical barriers to reducing the energy consumption of IT services are minor.

The main issues are low awareness about energy saving potential and low economic incentives for individual faculties to reduce their own energy consumption. Their key suggestions were for the default monitor brightness of computer monitors to be reset from 90% to 50%, and for student workstations to be automatically turned into standby mode after 20 minutes of inactivity. They found that implementing these steps on 2000 workstations could save 314MWh a year, a monetary saving of €38,000 per year. This is an energy reduction of 65% in comparison to the current consumption. We couldn’t let this research go to waste, so the Green Office Utrecht launched the IT campaign!

Want to find out more about how the university could save energy and money by implementing more sustainable IT? Read the original report here!