What have we achieved so far?

21/04/16 - UU Libraries, both on the Uithof campus and in the city centre, are reducing the screen brightness of all computer monitors! A team of GOU volunteers have turned down the brightness of a select group of monitors in both libraries. As there were no complaints, we have been given permission to turn down the brightness of all the monitors in both libraries on Thursday April 21st at 7:50am. If you’re interested in helping out, you can check out the Facebook event or send an email to greenoffice@uu.nl.

19/02/16 – UU IT Services are in the process of developing more sustainable shut down and update policies. Discussions are taking place to improve university-wide policies regarding energy saving on public computers. We’ll keep you up to date with any changes that come into effect so watch this space!

08/02/16 - UU is aiming to transfer all its data centres to a more sustainable off-site provider by 2017. Currently, onsite data centres use a lot of energy to run and keep cool so this change will have a huge impact on the University’s energy consumption.

December 2014 - Arrangements have been made with the supplying division to deliver all new screens with their brightness set at 50%. 

December 2014 - The REBO (Law, Economics & Governance) faculty have developed a pilot project with suggestions from this campaign, and we are in talks with other faculties about doing the same.

If you’d like to get further involved in this project, email us at greenoffice@uu.nl