Input has been gathered for the new Utrecht University Strategic Plan, and many of you had something to say. Thanks you all so much for all the opinions and ideas!

So now what?

All of your input, handed in via post-it, brainstorm session, debate or essay, is being processed by a number of teams. In the case of sustainability topics, this processing is being done by the Programme Team Sustainability. The red line through all of this data is being uncovered and will be used as a base for proposals. The Executive Board of the university will then decide which proposals survive the final cut. And finally, out of all approved proposals, the new Strategic Plan will be written. The following video gives a better overview of the process (in Dutch):


Sustainability will be woven through all chapters of the Strategic Plan, to make sure every part of the university takes its responsibility. Next to the Strategic plan, the Programme Team Sustainability is writing a Sustainability Plan for the university. In this plan, goals and efforts of the UU to lower its footprint and reduce CO2 emissions, will be summarised, and it will be used as a guideline for the sustainable development of the university in the upcoming years.

Do you have a great plan that you really want to see through in the university? And do you have some time and energy to work on it yourself? Contact us and we will help you develop it further!