Green Office Team

Drop by our office anytime and meet our team!
Anjelle, Manager Green Office Utrecht

My name is Anjelle Rademakers and I’m the manager of Green Office Utrecht. I believe that universities play an important role in the sustainable development of our planet. And I believe each and every individual can contribute to this development. I want to make students and staff members see that each idea, however small, is relevant, that passion is contagious and that dreams are often shared by others. I used to study at Utrecht University myself, did my masters in International Development Studies at the faculty of Geosciences and I know by experience, that a paper written for the drawer is a waste of everybody’s time! So use your knowledge and creativity for the greater good and come talk to us!

George, Assistant Manager

I am George, the Assistant Manager, and a former Project and Volunteer Coordinator at the Green Office. I’m responsible for helping my fellow “Greenies” with their exciting tasks and projects, so that the Green Office can make Utrecht University even more sustainable. I’m going to bring my energy, passion for sustainability, and bad (but green) jokes to the GOU so that we’re the hub for green living and laughs! I would love to hear your awesome ideas, get more people involved in sustainability and help you become a change maker for the future! I’ll leave you with a cracker: Why are pirates so eco-friendly? Because they always follow the three arrrrrrs!

Sandra, Green Office Host
Sandra GOU

Hi, I’m Sandra and I’m the Host of the Green Office. I’m originally from France but came to live in the Netherlands 20 years ago. I’ve always loved nature and I find it very unfair the way nature suffers nowadays so I’m very proud to work at the Green Office with people who stand up and give a voice to sustainability. In the GOU I take care of the plants (there are quite a lot of them) and make sure the Green Office is a nice place for everybody to work in. I also grow plants for people to take away through the Adopt a Plant project, so if you want to adopt a plant there is one waiting for you in the GOU.

Elsa, Project and Volunteer Support
GOU-teammember Elsa

Hi! I am Elsa and I am responsible for the Project and Volunteer Support at the Green Office. I am a History and Law student at Utrecht University and have a profound interest in conflict studies and international relations. I joined the Green Office because I noticed that a lot of students around me are either not aware of sustainability and why it is needed, or want to live a more sustainable lifestyle but do not know how. I believe that the Green Office is a place where ‘green’ ideas are turned into action.

The best way to learn how to live sustainably is to participate in activities and projects that show how sustainability works. I am happy to be part of the Green Office because this is the place where people come together to share and realize their ideas and make the University more sustainable. Here students get the opportunity to participate in ongoing projects or set up their own green project to contribute to a better world. It is my job to support them and keep them motivated and enthusiastic. If you have an exciting ‘green’ idea or if you want to be a volunteer at the Green Office and contribute to a more sustainable UU, come and join us! Feel free to come by the office anytime and we will look at ways in which you can help us!

Lotte, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

My name is Lotte and I am the Marketing & Outreach Coordinator at the Green Office. I am responsible for representing the Green Office at several events where I - together with the visibility committee - focus on informing, involving and empowering students and employees of Utrecht University. I joined the Green Office because I want to make more people aware about how important it is to be sustainable and live a sustainable lifestyle. I believe that even one person can make a difference and make this world a better place.

Do you want to help make the Green Office more visible and inform your fellow students and professors about what the Green Office does and how to take action? Then come by the Green Office or drop me a message! 

Marijn, Green Impact Officer

My name is Marijn and together with Duccio we are trying to engage as many UU employees as possible with the Green Impact challenge. This challenge raises sustainability awareness and stimulates employees to take concrete action to change their organization from within, towards a more sustainable future. The program was originally set up in the UK in 2006, and has become widely implemented in hundreds of organizations over there. Our vision is to make it just as big in the Netherlands. The beauty of this challenge is that - instead of pointing fingers at you - it gives you a pat on the back for every little thing you do.

My interest in sustainability was raised during my MSc studies "Earth, Life and Climate", in which I learned how climates have changed in the very long history of the earth, and how that compares to climate change patterns that are happening now. It made me want to take action and help spread the word. I am very happy to work in an environment such as the Green Office, because everybody here is very much devoted to their green cause.

Duccio, Green Impact Officer

Hi, my name is Duccio I am one of the two Green Impact Officer, along with Marijn. This challenge represents a very interesting opportunity for working with UU employees and raising awareness in a fun way. Indeed, as a master's student in Energy Science I am focusing on the relationship between technology and behavioural change, and who could be in a better position than a university to achieve important results in this field?

Firenze is my hometown and when I am not in the green office (super nice place where I would strongly recommend you to pass by for a coffee and a chat) I am either climbing or passing time with my friends. Of course, this is after having finished to study. The university goal of being CO2-free in 2030 is very ambitious and we, as a team, will try our best to achieve it! 

Ilse, Living Lab Coordinator

Making our university greener: you can help me with that! My name is Ilse and I am the Living Lab coordinator. My task is to connect staff and student in projects that look into the greenest and most sustainable ways to run our university. Do you think you have a good solution to an ecological problem in the university? Or do you want to be a part of a project that investigates one of those problems? Feel free to send it over to me, so we can work together for a greener future.

My goal is to show all students from all faculties that they can contribute to a greener university. I am an interdisciplinary student myself, so I know that every faculty has their own brilliant solutions to problems.

Yana, Food Coordinator

Hi everybody! I am Yana, and I study Liberal Arts & Sciences with a major focused on Sustainable Business & Innovation Science. Sustainability is very important for me both in my studies as well as day-to-day life. I love being outdoors, in contact with nature, and I think it’s very important that we take care of our planet. By implementing small things, we can actually make a surprisingly huge difference, especially when it comes to changing our food consumption habits!

I am super excited to use this mindset in my work with the Green Office, sharing my passion and dream, and showing everyone all the ways in which food can be sustainable while remaining nutritious and delicious.

Daria, Mobility Coordinator
Daria City Centre Explorer

Hello! My name is Daria and I take care of the theme of Mobility at the Green Office. I study socio-economic history and I'm interested in the relationship between economic development and environmentalism. By changing people's behaviours in mobility we have the chance of reducing a great part of the impact caused by the university, and as an important public institution we can really lead the way for the city to move towards sustainability.

I am originally from Bologna in Italy, and I am passionate about the social and environmental challenges that our society is facing. I believe that finding sustainable and fair solutions in the next few decades will really make a difference for the societies we want the next generations to live in, so let's take action together!

Fae, Green Campus Coordinator
Fae Activities Coordinator

I’m Fae Rinaldo and I’m the Activities and Campaign Coordinator for Green Campus. My master's thesis sparked my interest in biophyllic urban design and I will take any opportunity to be out in nature – so greening the UU campus is close to my heart! This campaign theme is new to the Green Office this year, but the seed is sprouting fast (excuse the terrible pun). Our main greening projects this year involve designing and planting a Tiny Forest and also a Future Food Forest on campus. With these green areas we aim to increase the ecological value and biodiversity of our local area, whilst raising awareness and engaging the campus community with these initiatives through our outreach activities.

I coordinate a fabulous team of volunteers and committee members building these projects. I love working with people and brainstorming new ideas – supporting them to make it happen and seeing the fruits. Get in touch if you have any ideas or just want to get involved!

Lorenzo, Digital Communications Coordinator

Hi there! I’m Lorenzo. I am French and Italian, while my home is in Nairobi, Kenya where I spent my most formative years. I am currently studying Human Geography and Anthropology, although I would like to pursue a master’s in something like urban planning with a sustainable twist. My dream job is no less vague, but since I at least know that I am a decent communicator, I am happily devoting my time to ensuring that all the cool things done at the Green Office have an audience!

In my belief, there is nothing in our lives that will be more important than addressing the way in which we have been exploiting this Pale Blue Dot that we call a planet. Being a part of the Green Office, and spreading the word about how to live more sustainably, is my first step in trying to do that.

Tiemen, Circularity Coordinator

There is no such thing as trash, because anything can be repurposed! My name is Tiemen and I am fascinated by the link between cognitive psychology and sustainability, and how they can be combined. For the Green Office, I coordinate all the projects that have to do with circularity. I believe that everyone can contribute something unique to the big puzzle we call sustainability, I love it if someone is genuinely happy about a project, and I strive to help the university become fully circular.

If you have cool ideas or just want to chat at some point, I hope to see you soon in the Green Office!