Touring the Botanic Gardens

During the start of the COVID crisis, the Botanic Gardens were closed to all visitors. To give us a glimpse of everything that was happening in the gardens, chief horticulturalist Gerard van Buiten agreed to go out film and five vlogs. No cameras, no soundman; just Gerard, his phone and the nature he knows so well. These five vlogs have English subtitles. 

Biodiversity in the Botanic Garden

In his vlogs he focuses on biodiversity. Did you know the garden is home to many indigenous trees from the Utrecht region? To fifty regional bee species? Or that experiments are done in the garden regarding the climate adaption and resilience of grasses?

Want more?

Gerard van Buiten regularly talks about the Botanic Garden on Youtube. Watch more of his regular series Naar buiten met Van Buiten

Mountain plants

Did you know Utrecht Botanic Gardens has a collection of over 3000 plants that grow in mountainous areas?


Did you know that apart from honey bees, there are 350 wild bee species in The Netherlands? Most of these bees live alone.

Grassland research

The botanic garden is home to many variations of flowers and plants that are indigenous to old Utrecht grasslands. The garden also houses a research facility where UU biodiversity scholars research the resilience of many different grasses, for example in future drier climates.

Wild nature

A botanic garden might seem like a very manicured place. But in Utrecht's garden specific areas are left untouched intentionally. This attracts a lot of small wildlife.

In the greenhouse

Pineapple makes for a nice snack or dessert. Some people like it on pizza. In its greenhouse, Utrecht Botanic Gardens has a specialized collection of the plants known as the pineapple familiy: the bromeliads.