Sustainable Travel Workshop

Did you know that taking a flight is seven to eleven times more polluting than undertaking the same journey by train (Source: Milieu Centraal)? Are you a member of the board or travel committee and do you want to lower the environmental impact of your study association? Then you likely want to look into ways to travel more sustainably in the future.

The Green Office Sustainable Travel workshop helps you and your fellow board or committee members to plan a green trip and/or to start the debate about sustainable travel within your study association.

What will you learn in this workshop?

In this interactive workshop, you will learn:

  • Why it is important as a study association to travel more sustainably, illustrated by tangible examples that are tailored to study associations.
  • How you can travel more sustainably to interesting destinations within the budget of your study association.
  • How you can convince other members of your study association that travelling more sustainably is important.

How to sign up

In exchange for the workshop, we ask your group to make a donation to theĀ Utrechts Landschap charity. For more information about the workshop (details, available workshop dates), send us an email at

Would you like to learn more on sustainable travel as an individual? Check out our tips & tricks for sustainable travel here.