Biodiversity is a sustainability theme which is gaining increasing amounts of attention, especially at Utrecht University, which was recently integrated into the national Delta Plan for Biodiversity. Utrecht Science Park and the areas surrounding it have a surprising amount of varied natural areas, which you can find using our Green Signpost, and species which deserve your attention. Our new podcast, Soortenrijk, will take you through some of this diversity.

In celebration of International Biodiversity Day, we present you with the first episode of Green Office UU’s Dutch-speaking podcast, SoortenRijk. This new series of podcasts connects you to various researchers, alumni, and students of Utrecht University.

If you can understand Dutch, then why not take a walk, switch on the first episode of this podcast, and appreciate the species of Utrecht Science Park in a new light?

Episode 1 - The grass snake

In the Netherlands there are three different sorts of snakes and the grass snake is one of them. Snakes have a scary images but learning more a about this snake can make you appreciate this smart animal on a whole new level.

Together with Peter de Koning from Lacerta we are going on a little adventure in the backyard of Utrecht Science Park to look for the grass snake. During the walk at 6:00 in the morning we are looking for answers to the following questions: how does the grass snake live, why is the grass snake important for biodiversity on campus (and beyond) and what can you yourself do to help grass snakes?

Episode 2 - The badger (coming soon)

european badger icon species

Episode 3 - The grey partridge (coming soon)

grey partridge icon species