The Green Office Guide to Plant Parenthood

Did you know that indoor plants are Mother Nature’s solution to funky smells, thanks to their air-purifying qualities? Not only do they absorb undesirable substances from the air through their leaves and into their roots, but they also freshen it up by producing oxygen and breaking down unsavory odors. Get your new plant through the Green Office.

Attendees of our last Adopt-a-Plant event

It's time to get rid of those nasty student odors!

Think you could do with an extra plant or two to keep you company? The Green Office regularly hosts Adopt-a-Plant events together with How are you Growing?. Come attend the next Adopt-a-Plant event.

The Adopt-a-Plant stand looking particularly lush

Can you not make it to the next Adopt-a-Plant event? The Green Office HQ also hosts an Adopt-a-Plant stand, where we often have several plant cuttings that are up for grabs. Don't hesitate to visit us and check what is available.

Get to the root of your plant's needs

Watch out! As with many things, your relationship with your plants is a two-way street. To profit from the wonderful benefits that your green pals have to offer, you need to give your plant some sweet sweet lovin’... The following advice will help you get to the root of your plant's needs:

  • Plants get thirsty too
    Water your plants once or twice a week, but make sure not to drown it

  • Drain 'em well
    Your plant should always be in a pot with holes in it, so the excess water can leak out and the roots of your plant won't rot.

  • Repot like a pro
    Every now and then it will be time to get your hands dirty. Does your plant seem to be climbing out of the pot? Are the roots escaping the pot through the holes in the bottom? Then you know it's repotty time.

  • Become a highly astute plant whisperer
    ...and listen to what your plant is trying to say. Some plants will love to be in the sun while others prefer more shade. Find out what your plant needs by carefully inspecting it. Check the leaves, touch the soil, and measure its vibes.

There are three species of plant which most often tend to have available. Here are some tips regarding their individual needs:

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