Living Lab

Green Office presents: Living Lab
A short video to explain the workings of the Living Lab project

***See below for a visualisation of the Living Lab project.***

Welcome to the Living Lab project of Green Office Utrecht (GOU)! This project reflects the GOU’s role in sustainability research, right here at Utrecht University.

The main idea of the Living Lab is to connect the sustainability issues of the university to students of the UU wanting to explore sustainability in their studies. The GOU collects subjects from different university departments (such as Facility Management, Real Estate and Campus, and IT). These subjects are then put on a list that is then communicated to teachers of various research courses. In these courses subjects are researched by students, after which the results are fed back to the GOU, who will then follow-up in an effort to make sure the results are implemented.

The students carry out their research as a type of consultancy project for the university. The role of the GOU here is mainly to enable and facilitate this knowledge exchange. At the end of the year the GOU organizes the Living Lab Symposium, where students working on the project pitch their research, the chair of the Board of Directors gives a reaction, and a grand prize is awarded to the best one. 

Above all, students are helping the university transition to sustainability!

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