The Centre for Science Communication and Culture

The Centre for Science Communication and Culture reflects the challenging environment which Utrecht University offers its students outside their studies, both culturally and intellectually, and in the areas of science education and, more generally, science communication.

The Centre for Science Communication and Culture is home to the following divisions: University Museum; Studium Generale; Parnassos Cultural Centre; the University’s cultural programmes; and Academiegebouw.

The different divisions of the Centre host a diverse range of activities:

  • Creative courses and other cultural activities in areas such as music, dance and theatre. Host: Parnassos Cultural Centre.
  • Lectures and debates which foster critical thinking and intellectual exchange. Host: Studium Generale.
  • Child-focused exhibitions as well as activities in support of the University’s academic heritage. Host: University Museum Utrecht.

Utrecht University works with numerous cultural organisations and events organisers in the city of Utrecht; many of our students and staff are involved in these activities.